Maui Crisps is a family owned business in the Hawaiian Islands that was created by accident. We were trying to perfect a recipe for “pipikaula” the Hawaiian version of beef jerky, in our micro sized kitchen at the gas station that myself and my wife are managing. We were hand slicing the beef and prepared the Pipikaula for the drying step. After the dehydration process was completed, we discovered that the edges were crispy instead of being chewy like we expected.

Aha! We thought, let’s try to cut the slices even thinner!!

So we bought a used electric meat slicer, and after several months of test runs, we perfected our process. We started out making small batches in a microwave sized dehydrator and packaged them in resealable bags bought from a department store and sold them in our convenience store at the gas station. To our surprise they turned out to be such a hit that we were working very long hours trying to keep up with the demand, and yet at times we we were not able to!!! (I guess that’s a good sign, right?) We’ve since outgrown our little gas station kitchen, upgraded our bag design and are now in a brand new manufacturing plant.

A heartfelt Mahalo, Thank You to our loyal customers, friends & family who continually encouraged us to keep doing what we were doing over the short two years of our journey. To our new customers…we hope you enjoy our full flavored line of the “cripiest” beef chips you’ve ever had, made with Aloha on our beautiful island of Maui.

Aloha Ke Akua,

The Maui Crisps Ohana